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From the Chinese Government

President Xi Jinping issues call for regional stablility.  Xi said no country should be allowed to cause chaos in the region as he acknowledged Asia faced "new challenges" to its stability amid mounting concern over North Korea's nuclear threat.  (April 5, 2013)

  1. President Xi's Speech at Boao 2013.pdf

China Defense White is issued on April 16, 2013, by the State Council Information office.  It introduced the fundamental policies and principles followed by the diversified employment of China’s armed forces. 

  1. China Defense White Paper (2013).pdf

  1.    Progress in China's Human Rights in 2012.pdf



Reports for the U.S. Government

  1.   2012-Report-to-Congress.pdf   

      U.S.-China Economic & Security Review

      Commission (USCC) Annual Report to

      Congress (2012)

  1. 2012_CMPR_Final.pdf

     U.S. Defense Department Report to

     Congress 2012


  1.    R43000.pdf  China Human Rights Issue



  1.   clapper.pdf   

      Statement for the Record “Worldwide

      Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence

      Community - Senate Select Committee on

      Intelligence  (March 12, 2013)

From the Public

  1.   Henry Kissinger “On China” 

      Click for New York Times book review

  1. “Strategic Vision”, by Zbiniew Brezinski

       Click for New York Times book review

  1.   Works of Mao Zedong by Date

      Click for lhttp://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/date-index.htm

  1. Richard Nixon “Leaders:  Profiles and Reminiscences of Men Who have Shaped the Modern World”

       Click for New York Times book review


    Congressional Research Paper

    China Naval Modernization.pdf

    R43000.pdf  (Human Rights in China &

                                   U.S. Policy)

    R41259.pdf   (North Korea: U.S. Relations,

                                 Nuclear Diplomacy, &

                                 Internal Situation)

    207075.pdf   (China - US Military Contacts)

    RL34256.pdf  (North Korea’s Nuclear


    R42756.pdf    (Energy Policy)

    R42930.pdf    (Maritime Territorial Dispute

                                    In East Asia)

    R42938.pdf     (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

    202465.pdf     (Rising Economic Powers &

                                    U.S. Trade Policy(


    R41845.pdf     (Global Climate Change


    R42601.pdf     (China, Internet Freedom, &

                                     U.S. Policy)

     RL33536.pdf     (China - U.S. Trade Issues)

     RL33536.pdf    (U.S. Assistance Programs in



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