Dragon Report promotes a peaceful and yet successful rise of China.  Dragon Report supports a long term productive, strategic and cooperative relationship between China and the United States of America.  Dragon Reports is a vehicle fighting against anti-China elements, provides a better understanding of China for the outside world.  Its Chinese version tries to provide the Chinese readers with the views from a none-Chinese perspective.  

The Dragon Report -  It gives the readers, researchers, strategists and thinkers a summed up version of views from both China and the outside world. 

Dragon Report Website - it is a platform that services the Dragon Report, with a “media” section (based upon Youtube materials), a vast pool of research papers and articles from the Think Tank(s) from China and the U.S..  A Profession log and ODI section, along with flashpoint headlines, gives the readers an updated view of the development of China and its counterparts.   China’s Rise and Challenges section will analyze and update all key elements of China’s rise and the challenges it faces.   

Dragon Report Networks - this is a new section within this site that is under construction. Its purpose is to build up a restricted and highly valued member group.  Members can network and share resources.

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Dragon Report

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